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Finding Meaning in Adversity: Embracing the Power of Resilience and Transformation

I used to hate the saying, “everything happens for a reason”. When I was going through some of the darkest moments of my life, the saying seemed to be on a never ending loop. Whether it was out of people's mouths, or when I opened up a social media app, or a random show I was watching, it was like I couldn't get away from it.

green foliage in the spring in Novato, CA with the sun shining through

Despite enduring the loss of my mother to cancer, grappling with injustices, and experiencing the passing of close friends, either through death or growing apart, I wouldn't wish these hardships on anyone. However, as I've transitioned from a victim mentality to one of resilience and strength, I've started to recognize the value of life's small joys. These trying circumstances have catalyzed a profound transformation within me, allowing me to cherish the simple pleasures that previously went unnoticed, or taken for granted.

Life's journey is filled with twists and turns, ups and downs. Sometimes, it feels like the universe is conspiring against us, throwing obstacles in our path just when we think we've found our footing. In those moments of despair and frustration, the idea that everything happens for a reason can seem like nothing more than a hollow platitude, devoid of any real meaning or comfort.

Yet, as I've navigated through my own trials and tribulations, I've come to realize that there is a profound wisdom in those words. It's not about resigning ourselves to fate or passively accepting whatever life throws at us. Instead, it's about finding meaning and purpose in our experiences, even the most painful ones.

Andi, from Roam with Andi, with her mom 1 year prior to her mom's death from cancer

Losing my mother to cancer was undoubtedly one of the darkest moments of my life. She was my biggest cheerleader, both silently from the sidelines, and loudly from the frontlines. In the aftermath of her passing, I struggled to make sense of it all. Why her? Why us? It wasn't until much later that I began to see the silver lining amidst the grief. Her journey from diagnosis to death taught me the value of cherishing every moment, of not allowing things and people steal my joy and dictating my emotions.

Andi, from Roam with Andi, selfie wearing a necklace inspired by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Similarly, facing injustice and betrayal left me feeling disillusioned and angry, and so many more emotions I'm still processing. But it also ignited a fire within me, a determination to stand up for what's right and fight for justice, not just for myself but for others who have been wronged. It taught me to take my power back, and showed me that you can have billions of dollars and still be the loser - the flip side of that is that you can be in your most desolate place and come out victorious.

And then there were the friendships that faded away, the bonds that once felt unbreakable slowly unraveling over time. It hurt to realize that some relationships weren't meant to last forever. But in their absence, I discovered new connections, deeper and more meaningful than I ever thought possible. I can look back at those friendships, be grateful for them, and see how moving on from them created space for me to become my own person.


When I was going through one such dark time, a friend gave me this book by Gabby Bernstein, "The Universe Has Your Back". It sat on my nightstand for several months before I was ready to receive this message, but once I did, it really helped launch me into a state of hope.

Oak tree branches hanging low over green grassy fields with a barb wire fence in the background and the sun shining through

As I pan out and look out over the things I've faced, every loss, every setback, every disappointment serves a purpose. They shaped me, molded me, and ultimately, propel me forward on my journey. The saying, "without the darkness, we wouldn't appreciate the light" rings so very true. Without the pain, we wouldn't savor the joy. One thing that helped with viewing things from a lens of gratitude, was using this gratitude journal during the pandemic.

So, yes, everything happens for a reason. Not because there's some big agenda that is out to get you, but because within every challenge lies an opportunity for growth, resilience, and transformation. And when we embrace that truth, we open ourselves up to a world of infinite possibilities, where even the darkest night can give way to the dawn of a brighter tomorrow. When you're ready to remind yourself of how amazing you are, grab this book and dive in.

Wooded trail in Novato, CA in the spring

My aim in all of this is to offer insight into my experiences and mindset, alongside sharing helpful resources through the affiliate links throughout, with the hope that it benefits you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me. Curious about a specific trail and how I discovered it? Don't hesitate to ask—I'm here to assist. Happy roaming!



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